The Clunkster

Black and Blues

Top (no clue I'm sorry).  Bralette .  Jeans .  Sneakers .  Sunglasses  (similar).

Top (no clue I'm sorry). Bralette. Jeans. Sneakers. Sunglasses (similar).

As you all know, I like to be just a ~little~ bit extra most of the time. So, when my friends and I are going out and I'm told be dress casually, I kind of freak out. For me, party mode means getting super dolled up and looking hot to have fun! Thankfully, I found an outfit that makes me feel flirty and ready for fun while also making sure that I'm not doing too much.

This outfit was the first time I wore this shirt, which I got from my cousin. Like my red one, it has a little bit of an open back and is relatively low cut, which I loved. I know you can't really tell from the selfie, but the bralette looks amazing with the shirt! I wore my jeans because I was trying to be ~casual~, and they looked good, which was a surprise. In true casual fashion, I wore my Converse (which are nice and clean now since I got new ones!). 

Because this shirt was so low-cut, I wore a choker. When I wear chokers, I usually put my hair up, but I'm happy I left it down. I think this look is like girl-next-door, but with a bit of an elevated twist. My makeup is normal, as well as the rest of my jewelry. I can't wait until it gets nicer again so I can wear this out without freezing my ass off!