The Clunkster

Happy Birthday to The Clunkster!


Damn, guys. I made my first a year ago today. How crazy is that?! It feels like this year flew by, but it also feels like I've been doing this forever. That's probably THE cheesiest thing I could've said right now.

I started The Clunkster because I was really bored of what was out there. I was really sick of being told what to do -- be it the way I write, act, or dress. Since fashion has been my creative outlet for as long as I could remember, I wanted to start a blog that would bring my expressions to the masses, while simultaneously proving that fashion can be FUN! 

Through this past year, things haven't always been fun. I've gotten super discouraged because I hadn't gotten to where I wanted to go and even stopped blogging altogether a couple times. I'll be completely honest; I definitely was shooting to have more of a following in a year than I currently have. But life is full of surprises. I had never run a blog before, and I completely underestimated the amount of time it would take, and how hard it would be to prioritize it, especially as a busy college student. 

However, I'm a perfectionist, and I will never be good enough for myself, so I have to remember to pat myself on the back for my successes. In just one short year, I've managed to build partnerships with FOUR brands (and hopefully two in the making, wink wink), gain almost 500 followers on Instagram, have an article written about me, and learn a ton about myself and my style. When I first started, I said that I wanted to see myself kind of define my style. I definitely did that, but I also realized how dynamic my style is. I've learned a ton about photography, social media, overall managing a brand, and never giving up, even when I don't post for months at a time. 

Most importantly though, I've fallen even more in love with clothes, jewelry, accessories, makeup, hair products, and beyond. I'm so thankful for all the people that follow me on my various platforms, and for the people that actually read my posts! Every like, comment, follow, and view. Every time someone says "Hey, you're doing a really great job with the blog!" my heart skips ten beats. At the end of the day, this is absolutely what I love doing. And though it hasn't always been easy, what is easy in life? 

Going into my second year of The Clunkster, I'm looking to build more partnerships, post more consistently, actually learn how to use Pinterest, and keep having fun! I have so many ideas, and this is all just the beginning. So thanks again, and stay tuned for the continuation of this wild ride.

The Clunkster