The Clunkster

Comfy and Cool


Bralette. Leggings (similar). Moccasins. Sweater (no longer being sold at The Gap).

Who needs a shirt when you've got a bralette? If you've been following me for long, you understand my philosophy. This photo was taken waaaaay back at the beginning of this past school year (RIP), but I figured it was relevant since it's hot as all hell on Long Island right now, and I really haven't been a big fan of shirts. Really, a bralette is just like a crop top or bikini top. It's adorable and ornate, so it could totally pass. And even if it doesn't, I don't care, I'm wearing it anyway. In past looks, I've worn bralettes without anything, but this time I added my Clunkster gray sweater. 

I really miss these leggings. They're so so comfortable, but completely ripped down the inner thighs since my thighs are muscular and rub together a lot. I definitely got good use out of these leggings. They made my ass look fire. My moccasins are also super comfy. Overall, this is a really comfy look with a little big of sex appeal, I guess.