The Clunkster

Young Working Professional


Blazer (no longer being sold by Mystique Boutique NYC). Top (similar). Pants. Sandals (no longer being sold by Payless). Sunglasses.

The other day, I went on an internship interview, and I knew that I needed to dress like a boss ass bitch. It turns out that I was way overdressed for the interview (but in my opinion that's better than being underdressed), but either way I still felt like a boss ass bitch. I kept ironically referring to myself as a Young Working Professional. 

I knew that I wanted to start with this blazer that I bought a while ago, but still haven't worn. I used to have a blazer but it was a little less professional and more fun, so I'm happy I was able to upgrade! Usually I wore that blazer with this peplum top since it's equal parts flirty and professional. I love the way it flows with the bottom of the blazer. I wore my black jeans since they're the closest I have to actual nice black dress pants (I know, I'm wearing actual pants!!!). I topped this look off with my shiny silver sandals.

Overall, I felt like a true boss ass bitch in this outfit. I straightened my hair, did a really good job on my makeup, and just felt really put together and ready to kick some ass, which is all that matters.