The Clunkster

Lazy Thursday


Shirt. Bralette. Sweatpants (no longer being sold by University of Hartford).

Happy Lazy Thursday! I haven't done one of these in a while. I guess this is also kind of a Throwback Thursday since this was from when I was still at school in my old room :(

This is a chill outfit that I used to wear a lot. It features a Serengetee top (of course), my bralette (because when don't I wear my bralette?) and these hand-me-down UHartford sweatpants I got from my cousins a while ago. I really liked them because I have a couple close friends that live near Hartford, and they're super comfortable. 

This look was perfect for when I was just chilling doing homework in my room, but also for when I got hungry and ran downstairs to the C-Store to get some Reese's. Then, I'd fall asleep, feeling like I was laying in a pool of comfort. I miss school.