The Clunkster

When Will Halsey Marry Me


Tank (no longer being sold through Halsey's store). Shorts. Bralette. Sneakers. Lipgloss (in Sanctuary). Sunglasses.

Today, I went with a relatively simple look to run some errands. I love this Badlands tank I got from Halsey's concert a year ago! I paired it with my new denim shorts, which is kinda different because I usually go all black with it, but I like it! I was between black and white Converse and went with black because my mom said they looked better (what a babe), but either choice looked good. 

My hair and makeup were slightly different than usual. I left my hair in a wet messy bun for the past day, so my hair came out super curly. I also put on my new Kat Von D lipgloss that I'm obsessed with, but forwent(?) the rest of my makeup. I'm used to doing a full face of makeup with a lip color, so this was definitely different, but I liked it! For some reason, my eyebrows appear darker when I don't wear makeup, and I liked the way that looked with my lipgloss.