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makeup monday: cocoa contour palette


Conturing always scared me. I was so intimidated when I first saw Kim Kardashian and beauty tutorialistas beating their faces to perfection. This semester, my beauty guru friend started contouring me with Too Faced's Cocoa Contour Palette, and I kind of fell in love. I asked for it for Christmas, and my wonderful parents blessed me with the gift of a chiseled face.

Like I said, contouring really scared me until I realized that it was basically like coloring your face! This particular palette comes with a little brochure thing with three basic contouring looks - Instant Cheekbones, Skinny Sculpt, and Celebrity Contour. I started with the first, Instant Cheekbones, which is pretty basic. I also love highlighting my defined cheekbones (thanks Mom!!!) It just works really well with my face and the rest of the makeup I wear. I've tried the others on occasion, and they were great too. 

I also really love how simple this palette is! I always expect contour palettes to be weird and big and complicated. This one only has four shades, Light Cocoa, Medium Cocoa, Dark Cocoa, and Pop of Light, so I wasn't super overwhelmed when I first opened it. And it even comes with a lil angled kabuki blending brush that's insanely soft! 

As most people know, the Cocoa Contour Palette smells like chocolate! you all know how much I love things that smell good. Like the Origins primer I just reviewed, the yummy scent is such a great addition to my morning beauty routine. 

Overall. I 100,000% recommend this palette to anyone, but especially to people who have never contoured before or people who are just starting out! If you’re interested in going cruelty-free, check out PETA’s Searchable Database and Cruelty-Free Kitty’s alphabetized list of cruelty-free brands. If you have any cruelty-free recommendations, please comment them below!