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Outfit of the DayKristenComment

Hello my loves! Today’s look is super chill, and a little different from what I’ve been doing lately. For starters, my shirt isn’t black! Maroon and gray are gorgeous colors that I definitely don’t wear enough. This shirt is actually from the men’s department of Tilly’s, and it’s one of the softest, comfiest things I own. I also have it in navy! Of course, I stuck with my typical leggings, but instead of boots, I wore my white Converse. It was kinda weird being lower to the ground again! The sneakers really bring out the baseball-y vibes of the look. I’ve always loved how the maroon in these Converse match the maroon of the shirt.

In general, I was going for a laid-back, girl-next-door vibe. My makeup was really light (I actually more blush than usual and I really liked it!), and I left my hair in the messy pony I wear while I do my makeup. I haven’t worn my hair in a while, so this was a nice change.

I really do like switching things up and trying new things, but it’s always hard to break habits! I’m definitely happy I stepped out of my comfort zone even just a little.

In the spirit of mixing things up, I dare you to try something new today! Let me know how it goes in the comments!