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dress (no longer being sold by  Camille La Vie ). shoes (I don't remember I'm sorry!).  eyeshadow palette .  lip crayon .  perfume . 

dress (no longer being sold by Camille La Vie). shoes (I don't remember I'm sorry!). eyeshadow palette. lip crayon. perfume

Happy Monday! It’s a brand new week, which means a week full of new opportunities! I know I keep saying it, but I’m seriously so happy it’s summer. Life is so much more fun when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and everyone has a bit less on their plates.

A couple weeks ago, my sorority had their Spring Formal! I love Formal because everyone gets extra gorgeous and it honestly makes me cry. This year’s theme was Old Hollywood, so everyone was looking so classically beautiful.

As soon as I got word of the theme, I thought of this dress. I saw it in the Prom issue of Seventeen a couple years back and fell in love. I bought it immediately, even though the only one left was two sizes too big and unable to be altered or returned! I ended up wearing it to my Junior Prom, even though it was a little big, and wore it again for my cousin’s wedding a couple years ago. Now that I’ve gained some weight and height, the dress fits me perfectly! I’m so happy I got to wear it again. I genuinely feel like a princess in this dress.

My shoes are also another blast from the past! I wore these to two Proms with a different dress. I loved them as soon as I saw them because they’re beautiful, classy, and dressy, but they’re not heels! I have knee problems, and heels really irritate them, so I try to go for classier flats. These are super comfy, and I don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

I kept my hair simple, just straightening it (it looked better before Formal, I took this pic after I got home!), and my makeup relatively simple, but glamorous. I contoured a lot more than usual, took extra time on my sparkly eye shadow, and bought a new lip crayon that I’ll post about soon! Spoiler alert: I’m obsessed.

Overall, the night was amazing! I had such a great time from beginning to end. This was the first year I was able to bring my boyfriend instead of just a date! He’s amazing and made the night twenty times better. Have you been to any ~fancy~ events recently? Let me know in the comments!