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Outfit of the DayKristenComment

Happy Tuesday! I’m so happy the sun has made a return. I’ve been loving the weather and being able to wear shorts again! I got these beauties at American Eagle a couple weeks ago and I’m in love!!! I tried on a couple pairs of cloth shorts like these, but these were the only ones I got. I love the color, the design, how they fit, literally everything about them. I’ve really been loving cloth, patterned shorts lately. I need to get more!

This tank is another one of my favorites. It’s really comfy, and I don’t need to wear a bra with it! Truly a blessing in the summer. I love how it’s cute and unique, but basic enough that I can wear it a lot of different ways. I wore my black Converse and braided my hair since I was having a horrible hair day.

I also wore my Coconut Passion perfume from Victoria’s Secret! I bought it a couple years ago and fell in love. I love coconut! I went without makeup, and made sure to wear sunscreen now that the sun is out. My personal favorite is Kiss My Face’s All Natural Dry Oil Spray Sunscreen. It smells yummy and does the job! Read my full review here if you’d like!

Remember to enjoy the sun today, and tell your friends and family you love them! I love you guys!