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Hi hi! Today’s look features a new item of clothing! My mom and I went to American Eagle while I was home for a bit, and I found a bunch of stuff I loved. I feel like whenever you go shopping wanting to find something, you don’t like anything, but when you dip into a store for fun, you fall in love with everything.

Anyway, I got this pair of black shorts there! I do have another pair of black shorts, but they’re a little too small, and kinda uncomfortable. These are “midi” length, in other words, they cover my whole butt, because apparently that’s something you have to do in the real world. I went all black with my bodysuit and sneakers, and wore my red and black Harley Davidson flannel. It’s so soft and comfy!

I braided my hair since it was tangly and puffy, went without makeup because it was hot, and wore Katy Perry’s Killer Queen because it’s perfect!

I can’t wait to show you guys the other stuff I got from American Eagle! Stay tuned! xoxo