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new york fashion week: amnesia by eva prokai

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Hey babes! Back in February, I had the honor of attending a New York Fashion Week show! I had such an amazing time. The show, hosted by Nolcha Shows, took place in a very basic, minimalist event space. It was a very open floor plan, and everything was white and grey.

The people at the show definitely added the pizzaz. I wanted to go up to everyone and ask for their Instagrams! I actually did follow one boy who was wearing awesome makeup. People got super creative with their looks. It was like another fashion show in the audience! The sponsors at the show were really cool too. I first went to Night’s booth, where they had this awesome ball pit. Other sponsors included CitiBank and InstaSleep.

There were three designers at this show. First up was Amnesia by Eva Prokai, from Budapest, Hungary. They were an awesome opener to the show! One of the first pieces featured images of buildings in Hungary, and I was immediately intrigued. They used a lot of purple, pink, and blue in this collection, which I was a big fan of. The specific hues blended together really beautifully. Other pieces featured a black and red color palette, which I really loved too!

This collection featured a lot of outerwear, which I’m always a fan of. They had very interesting proportions; a lot of flared sleeves and oversized jackets. There was also a wide range of textures across the pieces: matching fuzzy gloves and tops, clear vinyl, and lots of shimmer and shine. One of my favorites was a mesh bodysuit with chains decorating the back.

Overall, there was a great mix of statement and subdued pieces across Amnesia’s collection. Every piece captivated me; I was never bored. While each piece stood out, the collection as a whole was cohesive and worked so well together. There was a great variety of pieces. I was also so impressed with how diverse the models were! I get excited when I see designers using models of many ethnicities. We love representation!

There were two more designers in the show, which I’ll be reviewing in posts coming soon. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be sure you never miss a post from me! If you’d like to see videos from these shows, check out the “Runway” section of my Instagram Highlights!