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Her Campus' College Fashion Week Fall 2018

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sweater. turtleneck (similar). skirt (similar). tights. shoes.

Hello, loves! Back in October, I attended Her Campus’ College Fashion Week at Boston’s Revere Hotel. I had the best time! The event had a ton of great sponsors, like eos, Almay, and Ulta. I was given a literal ton of merch from a bunch of other amazing companies when I walked in.

The bar looked so fun, but I was still 20 at the time, so I couldn’t enjoy one of their cute cocktails. I made a cute pink sparkly pin that says “You’re Doing Fucking Great.” It’s still pinned to one of my bulletin boards :’)

Then, I entered the main event space, where I was met with, essentially, a beauty wonderland. The first thing I noticed was a pool of purple eos lip balms that people were taking pictures in (which was held together by Velcro, fun fact). To my right was a huge Ulta Beauty Studio, where attendees could get trendy hair or makeup looks done and show them off in their adorable photo booth.

eos’ booth

Next to that was a delicious booth by Chloe., a new vegan fast-food chain in Boston, where I ate a bunch of yummy chocolate chip cookies! Next, I ventured to Almay’s Cosmic Café, a spacey lounge area full of Almay products on café tables surrounded by ring lights to aid in all the selfie-taking. I could’ve gotten an ice pop there, but instead I waited in line for an Almay makeup bag and some of their Goddess Gloss.

On the opposite side of the room were Primark’s fall styles in three decorated rooms for, you guessed it, more pictures! Between the Almay and Primark attractions were rows of chairs and a small runway. Most of the seats were taken when I got there, so I stood on the left side of the runway, where I had a perfect view the entire time. 

When Windsor Western, Her Campus’ CEO, introduced the show, the explained that this year’s theme was The Real Runway, so none of the models we would see were professionals. Most of the girls in the show had never even modeled before! I couldn’t even tell. They all looked like they were having the greatest time on the runway. They danced, smiled, and posed while the audience cheered them on. It was such a positive experience. 

The looks on the runway were SO cute too! The show was split into three sections: Modern Nomad, Printed Paradise, and Power Pose. All three featured clothes from Primark, the second featured MATTER as well, and the last included pieces from, Feminist Goods, Ali & Ariel, femininitees, and Sleep Riot. To see some of the adorable looks that were featured, check out the “runway” highlight on my Instagram

After the show, I decided to take some pictures at Primark’s and eos’ booths since the lines were starting to wind down. Since I attended the event alone, I didn’t have anyone to take my pictures. Thankfully, everyone working the event was super sweet, and they enthusiastically snapped candids of me while cheering me on. 

Overall, I had the best time at Her CampusCollege Fashion Week! I’m upset that I never knew this event existed when I was in my earlier years of college. If Her Campus brings this event to your city next fall, I would definitely recommend attending.

new york fashion week: vitruvius vancouver by a youth design collective(!)

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dress (from charlotte russe, rip). heels (similar).

Hey cutie pies! I can’t believe I’m writing the final review from Nolcha ShowsNew York Fashion Week event that I attended in February. If you haven’t read my first two reviews, be sure to check them out here and here! Hopefully, these are the first of many fashion show reviews to come. I love discovering new designers and seeing how talented they are firsthand!

That’s why I’m especially excited to write this review. Vitruvius Vancouver is a brand that provides art and design education for Canadian youth. The pieces that I saw were created by a collective of people who are younger than me! When I saw the collection, I thought it was just one designer. I already loved everything, but now I’m even more amazed at the designs that I saw.

Everything was so unique. While each piece that came down the runway differed from the next, they incorporated the same colors and fabrics, which made things really cohesive. In particular, they used a lot of royal blue, neon green, fiery orange, and soft grey. I was really impressed with the fact that they were able to create a wide range of pieces within a collection with such an interesting color palette. I think the colors are what really pulled the pieces together since each one was so different.

The collection included all types of pieces: rainjackets, turtlenecks, suits, dresses, and athletic wear. There are some pieces that I don’t really know how to classify, like the tuxedo jacket leotard, which was my favorite look. Is that considered outerwear? Most of the jackets that came down the runway were quite literally massive. I was a huge fan of all the pantsless looks. It’s like the youth of Vancouver know what I want.

I was also really impressed with the amount of texture in the show. There were a lot of traditional turtlenecks and some that were tailored very interestingly. They added a lot of dimension to the pieces. Later on in the show, we were introduced to a new, fuzzy looking fabric that was the same grey color as the rest of the pieces in the collection.

Vitruvius is the only designer at the show that had models of all genders, which added something cool and gave them a lot more room to play with their designs. However, the models were super stoic when they came down the runway, which was really different from the fun-loving vibe that I got from the collection. There was only one model that looked like they were having a good time.

Overall, I was so impressed with Vitruvius Vancouver and I’m so happy that I was introduced to them through Nolcha Shows. I can’t imagine how cool it must feel to be so young and see your designs at New York Fashion Week! I’m really excited to see what else Vitruvius has to offer, and the amazing designers that come out of their program.

If you’d like to see videos from all the shows at this event, check out the “Runway” section of my Instagram Highlights. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be sure you never miss a post from me!

new york fashion week: hathairat by hathairat maneerat

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dress (from charlotte russe, rip). heels (similar).

Hey hey! Remember when I posted about that awesome fashion show I went to back in February? I’m so pumped to tell you about the second designer at the show, Hathairat! From Bangkok, Thailand, Hathairat Maneerat’s collection was full of eye-catching pieces.

There was some very interesting tailoring across the items in the collection, including asymmetrical sleeves and big proportions. The colors of the clothing were also beautiful! The collection used a lot of metallic black, gold, and red lace, which added a lot of texture to the pieces. I was a really big fan of the subtle sparkle details, be they in thin lines on the clothes or in the statement earrings that all the models were wearing.

I was so impressed with the styling of all the pieces! All the models wore their hair in updos with snake-like braids underneath. Everyone also wore clear shoes, which I really, really loved. I found that it highlighted the beauty of the pieces so much more, since they were beautiful and stole the show on their own.

At the end of the show, all the models came down the runway one last time (as they do) and started dancing together! It was actually the cutest thing ever to see everyone having such a great time after they walked down the runway so seriously. It showed how much the models loved working with Hathairat.

Overall, I absolutely loved this collection. I would wear any one of these elegant but unique pieces! This was my mom’s favorite designer in the show. I’m so happy I got to see this collection and I can’t wait to see what else Hathairat does in the future.

Hathairat was the second designer at this event. Click here to read my review of Amnesia’s collection, and stay tuned for my last review coming soon! If you’d like to see videos from these shows, check out the “Runway” section of my Instagram Highlights. And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be sure you never miss a post from The Clunkster.

new york fashion week: amnesia by eva prokai

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Hey babes! Back in February, I had the honor of attending a New York Fashion Week show! I had such an amazing time. The show, hosted by Nolcha Shows, took place in a very basic, minimalist event space. It was a very open floor plan, and everything was white and grey.

The people at the show definitely added the pizzaz. I wanted to go up to everyone and ask for their Instagrams! I actually did follow one boy who was wearing awesome makeup. People got super creative with their looks. It was like another fashion show in the audience! The sponsors at the show were really cool too. I first went to Night’s booth, where they had this awesome ball pit. Other sponsors included CitiBank and InstaSleep.

There were three designers at this show. First up was Amnesia by Eva Prokai, from Budapest, Hungary. They were an awesome opener to the show! One of the first pieces featured images of buildings in Hungary, and I was immediately intrigued. They used a lot of purple, pink, and blue in this collection, which I was a big fan of. The specific hues blended together really beautifully. Other pieces featured a black and red color palette, which I really loved too!

This collection featured a lot of outerwear, which I’m always a fan of. They had very interesting proportions; a lot of flared sleeves and oversized jackets. There was also a wide range of textures across the pieces: matching fuzzy gloves and tops, clear vinyl, and lots of shimmer and shine. One of my favorites was a mesh bodysuit with chains decorating the back.

Overall, there was a great mix of statement and subdued pieces across Amnesia’s collection. Every piece captivated me; I was never bored. While each piece stood out, the collection as a whole was cohesive and worked so well together. There was a great variety of pieces. I was also so impressed with how diverse the models were! I get excited when I see designers using models of many ethnicities. We love representation!

There were two more designers in the show, which I’ll be reviewing in posts coming soon. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be sure you never miss a post from me! If you’d like to see videos from these shows, check out the “Runway” section of my Instagram Highlights!