The Clunkster

Good Vibes Only


Back in my old room, nice and clean :') 

Boots (no longer being sold at Primark). Leggings. Shirt. Sunglasses (similar).

NEW SHIRT ALERT! I love this shirt! I got this the other day while I was back home. I love the color, and I love the elephant, not only because it’s my sorority’s animal, but also because elephants are my favorite animal in general. There are a bunch of hearts coming out of its trunk, which is super cute, and it says “Good Vibes Only,” which is one of my favorite little sayings. At first, I wore my normal bra, but I really like the way the bralette looks with it, and it’s ten times more comfortable, especially since the shirt is really soft.

I wore my leggings and boots with this shirt, as I have been doing lately. I also wore my choker, and the rest of my normal jewelry. My makeup was relatively light today, and my hair was just a bit frizzy and wild, but I think it makes the look. Once I left my house, I but on my grey Clunkster sweater, which looked good.

Overall, I really loved this outfit. It was cute, comfy, and clunky.