The Clunkster

Clunk Clunk Clunk


Shirt. Sweater (no longer being sold at the Gap). Leggings. Sunglasses (similar). Boots (no longer being sold at Primark).

Hello all, I’ve got another super-Clunkster look for you all today. First, we have this blue crop top that I love, but have only worn twice. I always forget I have it, and it’s almost Fall (well, it is Fall, I’m just denying it), so I need to wear it as often as I can! I wore it with my typical crop top pants: my high-waisted leggings that make my ass look fantabulous.

Next, I added my typical Clunkster sweater, and my typical Clunkster boots. This look is so typical Clunkster, which I do say a lot, but it is! My hair is even up in my newly-signature half-up-half-down. My makeup is relatively normal (even though I’ve been using new products! But more on that another time), as well as my jewelry (the choker is just a staple now).

But honestly, this look is so Clunkster because I’m happy and comfortable. When you feel cute, you ARE cute. When you FEEL like you can take over the world, you CAN! That got super preachy super fast, but it’s true!