The Clunkster

Sex Panther


Top (no longer being sold at Urban Outfitters). Bralette. Jeans. Boots (no longer being sold at Call It Spring). 

I think everyone has that one outfit where they feel absolutely bangin’. Well, this is that outfit for me. When I don’t know what to wear, if I feel yucky or sad, I wear this outfit. It makes me feel so sexy all by myself.

I start off with this maroon shirt that’s barely a shirt. It’s more of a cover for my boobs, as is my bralette, which is clearly displayed both in the back and sometimes the front, depending on how low I wear the neckline. When I pull it up, it still looks cute. When I leave the neckline down, you get to see more of my bralette and I feel like a sex panther.

Because I want to feel even more sexy, I wear these leggings, which are hot enough because they’re jet black, but they’re also high-waisted, and they make my ass look amazing, which you can clearly see since the shirt doesn’t cover my butt. Like at all. Sometimes, I’ll wear it with jeans, which also looks super cute.

Here, I’m wearing my heeled boots, which always make me feel like I can take over the world. In my opinion, they look the best, but I usually don’t wear them if I’m going to a party or something (and this is a perfect party outfit). It looks great with sneakers, boots, and even moccasins.

I try to make my makeup super intense on these days with super long lashes. I usually wear my hair half-up-half-down too, with my choker. I seriously feel so amazing when I’m wearing this outfit.