The Clunkster

Is This Considered a Jacket?


Please excuse my awkwardness, room decor, excess of light, dirty mirror, unnecessary large size of this photo, etc... I'm still figuring this out! 

Jacket. Leggings. Tank Top (it's really just a basic tank that you can find anywhere!). Sunglasses (the ones I have are a little lighter). Boots (aren't being sold at Primark anymore, unfortunately).

Hello lovely reader, thank you for checking back! Today was a nice-ish day on Long Island; slightly overcast, but warm nonetheless, and in my mind that translates as TANK TOP! You'll soon learn that in my mind, relatively warm actually means super hot. I wear crop tops year round. No shame! 

Today's look consists of a plain white tank, black leggings, my trusty boots from yesterday's post, and this awesome jacket(? Is it really a jacket? What else would it be?) I got from H&M a few weeks ago. I've been obsessed with it ever since. It's super flowy and comfortable, and it completely matches my style. The only drawback is that it doesn't have pockets. Either way, I've been making many excuses to wear it over the past few weeks.

Just a warning if you decide to buy this thing, mine's in an extra-large size. I'm a big believer in straying from what your "actual" size is, but more on that later. I'm not sure how it fits in a smaller size, so just beware. I like my jackets/wraps/outerwear long and flowy. 

I also wore a cute headband that I got while I was away at school! It's from this secondhand-ish shop (they call it an "alternative department store") in Cambridge called The Garment District. I got some adorable scrunchies there too! I miss that place.

Anyway, I usually wear this headband when I'm having a bad hair day, which was today. I love the 70s vibe it gives off. You'd think the patterns of the jacket-thing and the headband would clash, but they actually work really well together. I was actually wearing this tank top, leggings, headband, and boots when I tried it on at H&M. Outfit inspo can come from anywhere! 

My sunglasses choice for today was an adorable pair that I wear pretty often. They have a wood pattern that basically goes with anything, especially the boots. Last time I wore this outfit, I wasn't wearing a headband, so I wore the circular glasses I posted about yesterday. They looked really cute, but the wooden glasses looked better with the headband. 

I wore my usual makeup, long lashes and nude lips, as well as a silver bracelet, lots of silver earrings, Pura Vida bracelets, and a necklace (I remembered today!). I basically wear the same jewelry every day. 

I love this look because, as I said, it's super comfortable. It also transitions really well from event to event. It can be casual or put together. It was casual enough for when I met my friend/future suitemate for lunch/shopping this morning, but nice enough to wear out to dinner with my family. It was comfortable enough to wear while binge-watching Grey's Anatomy as well (I'm on season five and I'm dying. Starting this series was the best/worst decision of my life). 

Happy Clunking! 

UPDATE: The H&M website calls it a jacket, but it was listed under the "Blazers and Kimonos" section. I guess we'll never know.