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Pura Vida Bracelets


Today was a T-Shirt-And-Leggings Day for me (which is not a bad thing!) because I donated blood with my family! Though I thought I looked good, my outfit just wasn't something that I would post on here, not because I didn't like it, but because I didn't have a whole lot to say about it. 

So, I figured I'd take this opportunity to talk about Pura Vida Bracelets, which I've mentioned in my previous posts. I found out about Pura Vida a few years ago, and then I wrote an article about them in my school's newspaper. Now, I'm obsessed!

Pura Vida is a company based in La Jolla, California that sells beautiful bracelets as well as clothing, bathing suits, clutches, hair ties, and water bottles. Pura Vida is a Spanish saying used a lot in Costa Rica that translates to "Pure Life." The Pura Vida lifestyle is peaceful and free. 

Sure, Pura Vida makes some really cute items, but the best thing about Pura Vida is that it's a great cause. The founders of Pura Vida, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, met two men named Jorge and Joaquin on a trip to Costa Rica who made beautiful string bracelets, but they were living in poverty. Griffin and Paul took 400 of them back to San Diego, and the rest was history.

Every Pura Vida bracelet purchased helps provide full-time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica, and certain bracelets donate proceeds to specific causes! So, not only do you look adorable, but you're putting food on a family's table, sending kids to college, and buying families new houses. 

Another cool thing about the bracelets is that no two are the same! Sure, all of the Beach Life bracelets have the same color scheme, but no two are exactly alike. 

Since I love Pura Vida so much, I became a Rep! Basically, I spread the good vibes of Pura Vida in the form of 20% DISCOUNTS! Use my code, KristenBruck20, at checkout. Even if you don't use my code, Pura Vida almost always has discounts and sales. And, like I mentioned before, it's all for a good cause!

If you have Pura Vida products or purchase them soon, show me your pictures in the comments!