The Clunkster

Inspired by Meredith Grey


Dress (similar). Stockings (from CVS). Undershirt (similar). Sneakers

Today, I wasn't doing anything except binge-watching Grey's Anatomy. Then, I remembered that now I have a blog to keep up with! So, I decided to create a look inspired by the one and only Meredith Grey.

Disclaimer: I'm only on season five! If Meredith has made any major changes to her appearance in the coming seasons, I'm not aware of it, so I didn't include it in my look. 

I'm completely aware that Meredith does not dress like this at Seattle Grace, but this look was just inspired by what she wears to work: usually blue scrubs and a long-sleeved shirt underneath. I love this dress and it was the same color as her scrubs, which was perfect! This dress is very near and dear to me because I wore it for my sorority's initiation. Ohh, memories. 

I also love the shirt under the dress. It's Underarmour which makes it tight, and I love tight clothes. They just make me more comfortable. I wear this shirt under sweaters in the winter and under some sleeveless dresses, but I've never worn it under this one before. I loved it!

I paired the dress with some white Converse. I'm not sure exactly which shoes Meredith wears, but I figured white sneakers were a safe bet, and they looked super cute! If I were wearing this on a normal day and I had to wear sneakers (I'm not sure why that would be an actual situation but whatever), I probably wouldn't even think about wearing white. I would automatically think black Converse because of the black undershirt, but I'm really happy I went with white. I also wore nude stockings because I feel naked when I don't wear stockings with a dress or skirt.

I took a nice amount of risks for this look, at least for me. The makeup was really different for me. I studied Meredith's face for a while (which was pretty easy because why wouldn't you wanna stare at Ellen Pompeo?) and figured out that she wears eyeliner on her top lid. I used to wear eyeliner all the time, but it makes my eyes look super small and for some reason it always bleeds! Even when I just put it on my top lids, it looked good for maybe ten minutes until it started spilling onto my lower lid, then below my eyes. Usually, I wear a crapton of mascara so my eyelashes are long enough to kill a man, but Meredith's a surgeon, so she doesn't have time for that. I brushed a little bit on the ends of my lashes and that got the job done.

Usually, I wear a nice amount of foundation, but since Meredith has a very natural look, I wore a lot less, and I really liked it! 

I'm definitely going to be wearing less from now on. I didn't know that I could! I don't have any problems with my skin, I just like the polished look of my face when I wear face makeup. Apparently, that look can be achieved with a smaller amount.

It also seems like Meredith wears some sort of eyeshadow, so I put a nude color on my eyelids, which I really liked too! I finished off the look with a pink lip color since Meredith has very pink lips. I used a very pale pink lipstick and dabbed a little bit of a brighter pink gloss, which created the final color after I blended them together with my lips.

The only jewelry I wore was my earrings, even though Meredith doesn't even wear earrings. I don't think I've ever seen her wear jewelry.

I really loved the look of my hair, but I don't think I would wear it if I was going out and actually doing something since it was delicate. I felt like if I turned around too quickly, everything would fall apart. Obviously, Meredith just throws her hair in a ponytail, but because I needed to create my own sidebangs, it was a little more complicated. I gave myself a side part and then dipped my hair near my cheeks. I secured them with bobby pins and then put my hair in a ponytail above the absolute bottom of my head, but a little below the middle of my head. That's a weird way to phrase it. Then, I wrapped a section of hair around the ponytail holder to make it a little more classy. 

I guess this was more of a ~classy~ Meredith Grey look than an actual recreation, but either way, I really love the way it turned out. I would totally wear this outfit again! And I definitely learned some lessons about my makeup. 

Onto more binge-watching!