The Clunkster

What Season is It?


Shirt (similar). Jeans. Boots (no longer being sold at Call It Spring. NOOOOOO!!!).

This is an outfit that I usually wear in the fall or spring, but it's definitely one of my favorites! Maybe because it incorporates some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I really love fall fashion, and as much as I love the summer season, I like to pretend it's autumn every now and then.

Peplum shirts look great on people who like to accentuate their waists, like me! I've said in the past that I like wearing high-waisted flare skirts because they make my waist look smaller and my hips look more defined as opposed to bigger. As always, that's my personal opinion, so do whatever the hell you want! This shirt is great because I can wear it casually with some shorts or with a blazer and nice pants for a ~professional~ event. I feel like I always say I love things because they're versatile.

I love these jeans mostly because they're a dark wash. For some reason, I think lighter washes just look sloppier in certain situations. I also love how tight they are. They hug my curves perfectly! On top of that, they're skinny, so they're perfect for tucking into boots!

These boots are my all-time favorite shoes in the world ever. No exaggeration. They're basically my dream shoes. I was walking in the mall with my mom one day like two years ago and I was describing to her the type of boots I wanted for Christmas. We passed Call It Spring and I saw these in the window. I immediately pulled her into the store screaming "THESE! THESE! THESE ARE THE ONES!" Needless to say, I got some really great Christmas gifts that year.

I wear these boots basically whenever I can. I'm technically not supposed to be wearing heels because I have knee problems, but I make an exception for these because they're just so beautiful. They just take it to the next level. I could honestly talk about how much I love these shoes for hours but I won't waste your time. 

I kept jewelry usual, and played with my makeup! I added some nude eyeshadow and I was going to leave it, but then I saw a light brown in the palette that I thought would look cute on my crease (this is what happens when I watch too many makeup tutorials in one night). I added it and it surprisingly looked good! I added some of the original nude color under my eyebrow and in my inner eyes to act as a ~highlight~ (look! I'm getting more comfortable with makeup jargon!). Even though I'm only going to work tomorrow, I'm so tempted to do this again. I kinda wanna look like this every day. 

So, if you're missing style from a different season and you know your body won't be seriously impacted by the weather if you dress in that season, do it! Why not? We know I'm all about not playing by the rules.

xoxo, Gossip Clunkster