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Denim Vest (similar). Crop Top (similar). Skirt (similar). Sneakers

As you guys can see, I have not been posting on The Clunkster for the past couple of days. This is because of the recent events in Orlando that have left me saddened, shocked, and speechless. I honestly have nothing to say, mostly because everything has already been said. This blog is a source of comfort for me, just as Pulse was a safe space for those in Orlando and music was for Christina Grimmie. I did not feel comfortable participating in this joy and comfort if 50+ lives were cut short because they were enjoying themselves, especially knowing that they will never be able to participate in this joy again, as well as those who no longer feel safe in light of these events.

As a college student who loves to go to parties, I've always struggled with finding the best outfit to go out in. I want to look cute, but I also want places to put my keys, ID, money, etc. I want to make sure that I'm warm enough to ride the T to the party without a jacket that I have to put down at the party, but cool enough that I can be in a crowded room full of drunk students and not sweat my makeup off. Of course, while I'm home and not going to parties, I found that outfit.

This began as most of my other outfits begin: I pulled this denim vest out of my closet and said, "Wow, I've only worn this once!" I don't even think I brought it to school. That's going to change now! I've always loved the look of denim and black, so I paired it with this cute skirt. I love it because it's comfortable, a little cheeky,

and makes my butt look amazing. I usually pair this with a crop top with cap sleeves, but I was feeling my tank top-y crop top with cutouts on the sides. It makes the look flirty and cute even if I decide to take my vest off. 

I think that's the best way to describe this look: flirty. I'm a huge flirt (even if I'm not trying to be!), so this look is totally me. And who doesn't love sneakers with a skirt or dress? 

I kept makeup neutral (which I usually do when I party because knowing me I WILL mess it up), as well as jewelry. I wore my black Pura Vida (which I've basically been wearing every day) and a light blue one that matches the denim perfectly

So, hopefully, I'll be wearing this outfit to my next party. I'll let you guys know how it goes! 

Love and Clunks, The Clunkster