The Clunkster

Tired and Slouchy


Tank (no longer being sold at Wet Seal). Shorts. Sweater (no longer being sold at The Gap). Shoes. Sunglasses (similar).

Today, I was getting ready to meet some friends for dinner when I realized that I haven’t worn this outfit in a while. The last time I wore it was probably in September. I remember throwing it together and thinking, hey, this looks kinda cool. I love the chill vibes it gives off. It’s super comfy too!

I love these shorts so much, but I definitely need to get new ones since they’re getting very worn. They already came with ~edgy~ rips and tears, but my massive thighs (yay for quad muscles!!!) ripped one hole so there aren’t any threads covering it. The pocket pokes out, and it looks so weird.

This shirt is one of my favorites that I never really wear! For those of you who don’t know, I’m literally in love with Spider-man. He’s my favorite superhero. I’m going to marry him. There is no question. When I saw this shirt, I freaked out because like, Spider-man. And it’s super cute and girly. It’s so light and comfy too!

And how do you make an outfit even more comfy? Add a sweater! Specifically the sweater I’ve been wearing a lot more lately. It’s the most comfy thing in the world, and it goes with almost everything. It made this look a little more casual and slouchy, which I really loved.

I went with my black Converse (I was going to mismatch, but it actually looked weird) and my rounded sunglasses, as per usual. I kept my makeup kind of normal. I wanted to go a little more natural, but I added a little more mascara that I hoped I would. Oops! Jewelry was normal as well.

I love writing The Clunkster, but sometimes, I am just so tired. I usually get around to writing these posts super late at night when I’m half asleep (like right now), so I apologize if I’m being skimpy or incoherent. Maybe one day I’ll actually learn to budget my time wisely!