The Clunkster

Scorpio Day


HatTop (similar). Leggings. Jacket (similar). Sneakers. Sunglasses (similar). Lipstick.

Every now and then, I start to really feel my dark, Scorpio vibe. Today was one of those days. I was meeting friends for lunch, and I wanted to look cute while also expressing my feelings. So, I decided to go dark and a bit urban since I really miss living in the city.

I started off with my high-waisted leggings. Even though they’re like really super high-waisted, they go really well with crop tops like this one. I added the varsity jacket since I would be in a chilly restaurant, and because it would look cute with both the crop top and my baseball hat! Your Emerson Dad is back with yet another bad hair day. Maybe I just need a haircut.

Levels are something that I seem to incorporate into almost all of my looks. I do a lot of high-waisted things with crop tops and long pieces of outerwear, but I’m starting to realize now that maybe it’s because I like the way the different levels come together. I’ll keep that in mind while I get dressed from now on!

I was between solid black high-tops and black Converse, but I went with the Converse because they looked better without the jacket, which doesn’t make a ton of sense, but I’m happy I chose them. I also chose my rounded glasses since they’re the darkest I own, and they looked awesome with my lipstick.

Obviously, my makeup is a bit different than usual. I’m wearing my favorite lipstick in the whole world, Mahogany by NYC, which I know

Will I ever learn how to take mirror selfies? Probably not. 

is not cruelty-free, but guys I may need to make an exception because this lipstick speaks to my soul. I first bought it when I dressed up as Wednesday Addams one Halloween and this past year I wore it for fun and I didn’t realize how much I was actually in love with it. I wear it as often as I can. I kept my jewelry normal (a purple Pura Vida to match my hat!). I wore my dog tag necklace, which I haven’t really been wearing lately, but I thought it was cute because it’s shorter. 

So, there we are, a dark little Clunkster taking over the world.