The Clunkster

Dark Side


Flannel (no longer being sold at Eddie Bauer). Jeans. Top (similar). Shoes (similar). Sunglasses (mine are a bit lighter).

You guys know how I love making complete 180s. That's what I did today! Today's look was girly and dark, but still fun. I went to the mall with my best friend (we got Pokémon friendship necklaces!!!), so I wanted to look cute for her! Lately, I've been feeling my dark side.

I started with my favorite crop top and put on my grey acid wash jeans, but I ended up changing into my black jeans since they were more high-waisted and they just looked better. I didn't want to leave it there, so I threw on my dad’s black flannel.

For some reason, these shoes were really calling to me today. I kind of regret wearing them since we did a lot of walking (that's what Pokémon Go does to you), but they looked adorable so I don't care. I wore these glasses to match them. I like how the brown is like a neutral pop of color.

I kept my makeup normal and put my hair in a very high top knot. I haven't worn one in forever, and my hair was gross today. It was so high, it hit the roof of my car. Oops. Jewelry was also normal (I added my necklace later!).

I would definitely wear this look again, but I'd love to experiment with different colors of shoes and sunglasses. Stay tuned, maybe you'll taste the rainbow soon.