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Top (similar). Overalls (no longer being sold by American Rag). Sneakers. Sunglasses (I have no clue where I got these I'm so sorry).

What do you wear when you're doing a ton of walking and it's a billion degrees out but you still wanna look cute for the MoMA? Overalls!

I bought these overalls like two years ago and I don't wear them very much. I always wear them with this really cute floral crop top, but never with anything else. I would love to experiment more with these. Maybe I will over the summer!

Overalls are the best because they're childish but actually really cute. I never have to worry about pulling my pants up! And even though I'm wearing a crop top, I don't have to suck it in because my belly is covered. There are pockets, too! The only downside is that you basically have to get naked when you pee.

I could've totally worn my red Converse to match my top, but I went with my white ones and I really liked the way it turned out. I kept my jewelry normal (now adding my Pokémon necklace, which looked super cool!) and my makeup light. I didn't do anything to my hair since I knew it would get even frizzier in the heat. I'm happy that I embraced my non-straightened hair this summer.

Last, but not least: sunglasses. I was planning on being cute and wearing my round glasses, but I chose my glitter ones last minute since I knew my adorbs little bestie would be wearing something more than I was. Sure enough, he wore glitter on his eyelids. We matched! The glasses gave this look that extra kick that it needed.

You'll be seeing more of these overalls on The Clunkster, so keep on reading!