The Clunkster

Beach Bitch


Today, I went to the gym and then stayed in my bathrobe forever and ever. A better part of the day was suitable for the beach, so I decided to put together this little look for a beach day, wet hair included.

I completely disregarded shoes since who wears shoes to the beach? Losers. My bralette is meant to be kind of a bikini top, but I actually like it just as the bralette. I’ve been dying to wear it by itself!

Skirts are perfect for the beach because they’re flouncy and easily removable. This skirt was perfect! I paired my bralette and skirt with my cute kimono that had both black and white in it. I thought the colors looked awesome together. I added my rounded sunglasses since the rest of this look is pretty retro.

No jewelry or makeup, since, like I said, beach. I love looking cute for the beach, but makeup and jewelry just distract me. Clunk that.

Here’s to hoping it’s nice enough wherever you are to take a jump in the ocean! I watched Lilo & Stitch today, so I kind of embraced that vibe, right?