The Clunkster

A Happy Accident


As I was going to bed last night, I put on my pajama pants and realized that I had created an adorable look. These pants are legit pants that my cousin gave me, but they’re too tight to wear in public. They squeeze my calves when I move. Perfect to sleep in though! They’re so comfy.

I want to wear more statement pants with crazy colors and patterns. She did give me a pair that actually fit me, so you guys may see those soon. For now though, I just loved how the dark colors of my pants looked with my lacey bralette. The pattern kinda looked lacey too.

This look is innocently seductive, which is the sort of thing I love. Maybe I could actually wear this out somewhere if I don’t need to do a ton of physical activity.

Like I said yesterday, I’m just dying to wear this bralette alone instead of under things. This was maybe that first step. I said I wanted to take more risks since starting this blog, so here I am!