The Clunkster

Black and White


Today’s look is simply cute. I went to Manhattan yet again, and since I knew I would be walking around in the heat all day, I wanted to keep things light. I wore my black high-waisted shorts and my bralette! Sometimes I like wearing bralettes and bandeaus in the heat because bras can get super sweaty.

It’s also helpful to wear bralettes/bandeaus under flowy tops like this one, which I just got from my cousin. I don’t know if you guys can tell, but it’s a crop top that's long and flowy on the sides. So, when it got windy, my shirt was flying up. I’d personally rather be wearing something pretty on my boobs if I accidentally flash someone, which happened several times while waiting for the train.

I was between black and white Converse on this one, as usual, but I decided to go with black since the stripes of my top were more off-white and it looked kind of weird with my white shoes, even if they are super dirty. I’m happy with the way everything looked!

My hair was being itself, and I kept my jewelry normal. My makeup was normal, but I brought back my vamp lip! I haven’t worn lipstick in a while and I missed it (I was also trying to test out a product I’ll be reviewing soon, so stay tuned for that!). My lips didn’t melt in the heat because of my lovely setting spray that I went off about yesterday. 

I would definitely wear this outfit again, but I would experiment with different color shorts. Black and white are cool because they’re neutral, so they can pretty much go with anything. Maybe I’ll get super bright. You guys will have to keep reading to find out...