The Clunkster

Matching Game


Shirt. Sunglasses (no clue I'm sorry). Sneakers. Shorts

Today, I got very matchy. I started off with my plain white T since I had to work earlier today. Thankfully, you can never go wrong with a plain white T, so I tucked it into my cute mint shorts that I haven’t worn in a while and called it a day!

f course, we had to get super matchy, so I wore my white Converse. I think it all came together in a really dweebily cute way.

But we couldn’t stop there! Am I supposed to have a pair of sunglasses that perfectly match my shorts and not wear them? They totally pulled the look together.

I kept my makeup normal as well as my jewelry. My hair is still messy, and I honestly love it just the way it is. I guess today’s look is a little boring, but there’s not a ton to say! I’ll let it speak for itself.