The Clunkster

Flower Child


Top (similar). Pants. Sunglasses (similar). Sandals (no longer being sold at Payless).

Remember last week when I said I wanted to have more fun with patterned pants? Well, I did that! I’m really loving today’s look. I felt like I was straight out of the sixties/seventies. And the best part was that I was super comfortable.

These pants were also brought to you by my cousin’s hand-me-downs, and I’m so happy they actually fit me. The fabric is insanely comfortable, and my ass looks amazing. I love how it hugs my upper half, but gets super wide at the bottom. I’m actually wearing these pants to bed too. I’m obsessed.

Since I didn’t want to wear a bralette out to dinner, I went with my favorite crop top. I really liked the contrast between the high neck and the low rise of the pants. Though I would have loved to go barefoot, I chose these sandals that I’ve had forever. I think nude sandals would have gone better with these, but I don’t have those right now. They would be a good investment.

I also loved the way my hair looked today. This is what happens when I let my hair air dry, brush it, then sleep with it in a bun. It gets super soft and curly. I kept my jewelry normal, but I didn’t wear a necklace because of the high neck. My Pura Vidas were black and blue and orange to match the pants. 

My makeup was normal and natural. To top it all off, I wore my rounded sunglasses. How could I not with this?

Though I’m not sure how I can wear these pants in other ways, that’s what experimenting is for. Stay tuned!