The Clunkster

Sorority Sunday


One half of my srat sign :P 

Shirt. Leggings (similar). Sneakers. Sunglasses (mine are a bit lighter). Scrunchie

Like every sorority woman, I am obsessed with my sisters. However, I have the right to be extra obsessed since I am a founding member of my wonderful sorority, Xi Gamma Nu. Since I’ve been schoolsick lately, I decided that showing off my letters would be perfect for the easy day I had.

To preface: our colors are pool blue and lilac. Whenever I wear this shirt, I either wear my light purple scrunchie on my wrist or in my hair. I bought the scrunchie before I joined, and they just happened to match perfectly. I also wore my purple, blue, and purple/blue Pura Vidas.

As per lazy day etiquette, I wore my super comfy leggings and black Converse. I left my hair down and didn’t wear makeup. When you get made up every other day, sometimes you just need to take a break.

Even though I wish I had my amazing sisters here with me, this shirt was the closest thing I could get to them. Once school starts, more sratty looks will be coming your way!