The Clunkster

Happy Fourth of July!


Shirt (no longer being sold at dELiA*s). Bralette. Shoes (no longer being sold at Payless). Pants (in a different color). Sunglasses (no clue I’m sorry). Bandana.

Happy Fourth of July, y’all! Even though I’m not super proud to be an American right now, I am pretty proud of today’s look. How could I not have dressed in red, white, and blue? I started with my bright blue skinny jeans that I just bought. Then, I added a white crop top. At first, I decided on a plain white T shirt, but since it was kinda hot and I was wearing pants, I went with a crop top and my new bralette. Since the crop top splits open in the back, the bralette looked awesome.

Now, for the red. I knew I was going to wear a bandana because how could you not wear one on the Fourth of July? I was all set to throw on my red Converse when I realized that the pedicure I got yesterday perfectly matched my jeans. I went with my silver sandals, which I matched my sparkly silver sunglasses to. 

I kept jewelry simple as well as my makeup. I wasn’t a huge fan of my hair though. It looked weird with the bandana when it was down, but I hated how crinkly it was in the ponytail, which I decided on anyway since it was hot and so you could see my bralette.

Either way, I was happy I kinda supported my country in a way. Happy Independence Day!