The Clunkster

Black and Grey


I need to clean my mirror again oops

Dress (no longer being sold at dELiA*s). Shoes (similar). Tights. Sweater (no longer being sold at The Gap). Sunglasses (mine are a bit lighter).

Everyone has outfits they wear to special things. We basically have go-tos for certain events and activities. Unfortunately, I had to go to a wake today, so I wore my funeral outfit.

The way I see it, what a person wears to a wake or funeral is actually really important. I personally think it’s really insensitive to show up in something like jeans and a T shirt (jeans with a nice shirt is a different story). I’m an advocate for dressing the part, so I feel like if you’re gonna honor someone’s life, especially in front of their family and friends, it’s only appropriate to put effort into what you’re wearing.

I think this dress is perfect because it’s not too overwhelming. It has an appropriate neckline, quarter sleeves, and it’s not terribly short. This is actually one of my favorite dresses because it makes my body look good and it’s so comfortable! I wore this dress with black tights to go with the black stripes (even though it still looks good with tan tights) and these heels that I’m absolutely in love with. I put on my gray sweater so my dress didn’t look as short (I love when my outerwear is longer than my skirt/dress/shorts) and just in case it got cold. I also didn’t feel like bringing a bag to be honest, and this sweater has pockets.

My hair isn’t super straight, but it’s not terribly frizzy either. I ran over it with a straightener so it looked more ~effortless~ and less like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket. I also kept my makeup simple, as well as my jewelry. My dad is trying to talk me into finally buying a watch. Meh. 

Overall, though the circumstances surrounding this look were unfortunate, it’s definitely one of my favorites to wear to parties and during the day, not just to funerals. In the meantime, remember to appreciate who you have and to always live life to the fullest.