The Clunkster

Return of the Kimono


My favorite piece of outerwear is back! I haven’t worn this kimono in forever. I definitely need to wear it more often. Sometimes, I feel as if I don’t give my wardrobe enough love.

Today, my favorite crop top got to play with my kimono. I love the way they look together! Since it was kinda hot today, I chose to wear my crappy shorts instead of my jeans. At first I was going to wear my black Converse, but as usual, I changed my mind and went with white. I definitely think this looks better.

Jewelry was simple today, as well as makeup! What a surprise. I also wore my rounded glasses again, because when do I not?

Typical Clunky, getting overexcited about her outfits in real life but unable to put that energy into a long post. Tsk, tsk. But who even reads this blog?