The Clunkster

Vans vs. Converse


Top (no longer being sold at Vans). BraletteShorts (mine are lighter). Sneakers. Sunglasses (similar). 

Okay, yes, I wear this bralette too much. But if you had it, you’d wear it all the time too. Trust me. It’s super comfy and looks adorable. You should get one.

Over my bralette, I wore this cute croppy top thing I got from Vans. I love how elegant it is while also being a bit edgy. Logically, I wore Converse with my Vans shirt. Oops! The only Vans I have are weird looking and don’t go with anything. I purposely matched my sneakers to my bralette! Always back to the bralette.

The off-white of the shirt looks really great with the type of green in my shorts, which you wouldn’t expect usually. I kept my jewelry and makeup simple. This whole look is relatively simple with little touches that take it up a notch.

It’s so cute, the photos can speak for themselves. Or I’m just really tired. You take a guess!