The Clunkster

Sorority Sunday!


Iiiiiiiiiiiit’s Sorority Sunday! Featuring a new addition to my Gamma Nu merch cru: my cute little Star Wars crop top. Fun fact for my readers who don’t know me in real life: I really love Star Wars. So, when Something Greek was having that sale, I totally needed to get this print. But when I got the T shirt, it honestly looked so yucky. I put it on and felt kinda messy. I don’t know what is was, but I fixed it! I cut off the bottom, making this into a cute little crop top!

As with most of my crop tops, I paired this cutie with my too small high waisted shorts and white Converse. But the fun doesn’t stop there! I got this “Send Help” hat from the Halsey concert last night, and I figured it added a cute and quirky vibe to this look. You’ll definitely be seeing more of this hat on The Clunkster.

I kept my jewelry normal, except I didn’t wear a necklace. And I didn’t wear makeup since I went for a facial this morning! Speaking of my salon visit, I also got a hair cut, which is why it looks super straight. She ended up cutting off a lot more than I wanted, but whatever. Hair grows. In my case, it grows really fucking quickly.

Also, I go back to school soon!!! So exciting! That means I will probably be posting less, but never fear: in the Fall, new looks are here!