The Clunkster

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Hey y'all! Sorry for the lack of postage yesterday. I've come down with a terrible sinus infection and literally felt like I was gonna die. Never fear though, at least I looked cute while dying. I went to a birthday party, and since the guests were cool and quirky, I wanted to be cool and quirky too, with my little twist of course.

I started with my little black dress, because after all, it was a party. I wore it with my Cheer Spanx, of course! Then, I put my kimono over it so I wouldn’t look super dressy. I wore my white Converse to go with the triangles in the kimono, and a choker because I’m on a chocker kick. I topped things off with my Send Help hat because I’m literally obsessed with it and want to wear it everywhere.

My makeup was normal, but I used a new tool that I’ll be reviewing here soon! I’m VERY excited to share it with you all. I also kept my jewelry normal, and my hair was nice and straight. And short. Meh.

Overall though, I liked this look. Perhaps it wasn’t the best to wear in this heat, but I like looking cute.