The Clunkster

The Spatty!


Remember yesterday I talked about that new product I would be talking about? I'm talking about it today since I didn't get dressed! It's called the Spatty.

I first saw this product on Shark Tank, one of my favorite shows. I'd always wanted to try it! I finally found it in Bed, Bath, and Beyond, so I totally had to buy it.

Basically, this little contraption that looks like a cake icer is made to dive into the bottoms of bottles to scoop up excess product. This specific type is made for cosmetics. I decided to use it on the bottom of my foundation.

So, while getting ready the other morning, I dipped my Spatty into my foundation and a whole lot came out! First, I applied the product

directly to my face using the Spatty as a tool, then brushed it onto my face. That worked pretty well. Then, I used the Spatty to put it on my hand, then dipped my brush on that like I would usually do. That worked pretty well too. What worked the best I think was when I applied the product from the Spatty directly onto my brush.

I ended up doing my entire face with makeup I found from this Spatty. And there's so much more in the bottle! I'm about to save so much money with this thing. I'm actually amazed. The only product I wasted was when I put too much on the Spatty and had to wipe it off on a tissue, but still.

The Spatty Daddy also came in the pack, which is a larger version of what I used. It's for things like shampoo bottles, but I haven't found a need for it yet. In fact, I probably won't be using shampoo bottles much longer. Stay tuned for another product review to see what I mean!