The Clunkster

How Colorful


Kimono. Top (similar). Jeans. Sandals (no longer being sold at Payless). Sunglasses (similar).

Omg I actually got dressed!!! Yay!!! Basically, this is an update on a look that I’ve posted in the past. Usually, when I wear this crop top with this kimono, I wear dark bottoms. I did branch out a bit and wear my light blue shorts one time, but today, I went white!

I needed to look nice to go out to dinner with my mom and her friends, and I automatically pulled out my new white jeans because I think they’re classy. I was really excited to work with all the new jeans I bought, but it’s been hot. Then, I built the rest of my outfit around my jeans. I really like the contrast in this look. The kimono is black and white, so there’s black in my top, and white in my bottoms.

My silver shoes made another appearance as well. I didn’t want to wear heels since I was driving, but these sandals have a baby heel, so I was happy. These sandals honestly look good with anything. They automatically take looks up a notch, and they match the color of my nails and toes. And I think that is all I have to say for now. Stay clunky!

As far as jewelry goes, I kept things normal with my sorority-colored Pura Vidas and two necklaces. I told you guys they would be making more appearances! I’ve been loving it. I kept my makeup normal too, and it randomly looked really good for some reason. I was very happy.

Thankfully, my hair is still straight too! It’s a little gross in the photo, but I threw some dry shampoo in and slightly curled the ends after I took it. I really love straight hair.