The Clunkster

More Cruelty-Free Lipgloss!


Once upon a time, a clunky girl lent her favorite lipstick to her roommate. She never saw that lipstick again. To be honest, I'm not bitter. She looked bomb in it, and I needed a change anyway!  

What I Was Using: New York Color Ultra Moist Lip Wear (in Mahogany)

What I'm Using Now: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick (in Vintage) 

My old lipstick was not cruelty-free, so this time I decided to try NYX again, since I really  loved their nude lipgloss that I reviewed the other day. 

I'm literally in love with this gloss. I absolutely love the color, and it goes on so well. It's fun putting it on! It may be weird to say, but NYX products have a certain taste to them that I love. Anyway, it lasted super long. I put this on and went out to dinner and it stayed on beautifully even hours after. 

Also, I loved that this gloss was matte. My other lipstick was not, and I think it totally needed to be since this color is so badass.

As usual, I absolutely love NYX. I just signed up for their rewards club, so you'll be seeing a lot more of them on The Clunkster!