The Clunkster

Throwback Thursday

Dress  (similar).  Undershirt  (similar).  Stockings . Boots (no longer being sold at  Primark ).

Dress (similar). Undershirt (similar). Stockings. Boots (no longer being sold at Primark).

Throwback Thursday! I wore this outfit the day after Election Day. To be honest, I’m pretty pissed about how things worked out. However, in true Clunkster fashion, I continued to be inappropriately optimistic and carry on with my life! So, I decided I wanted to wear blue.

I haven’t worn this dress in forever, but I love it so much! I wore my black long-sleeved shirt under, which I think looks adorable. I also wore my stockings, and my Clunkster boots.

My makeup was normal, and I actually did an okay job on my blush! I put my hair in a super duper high ponytail, which I haven’t worn in forever. My jewelry was normal as well.

I’m happy I actually got dressed!