The Clunkster

Throwback Thursday


Leggings (I have no clue I’m sorry). Shirt. Boots (no longer being sold at Primark). Sweater (no longer being sold at The Gap). Sunglasses (similar).

Throwback Thursday!

Here’s an older outfit from November. Birthdays are great because you get a lot of clothes! My friend got me these cool tribal leggings, and I'm actually in love with them. I've told you all that I've been wanting to experiment with tribal pants more!

Though I wanted to wear a crop top with these (someday, someday…), it's kinda cold, so I wore a plain white tee instead. I thought wearing something else would be a sensory overload. Since I was a bit cold and wanted to be cozy, I wore my signature grey sweater.

My boots also came out to play, which looked so much better than I anticipated. My makeup was relatively light, and my hair was super frizzy since I had just washed it. My jewelry was also normal. I put on a choker after I took this photo, which looked pretty cool too.