The Clunkster

Guess Who Learned How to Blend Her Face?!


I’ve never been good at blending my makeup. There always seems to be harsh lines on my face or masses of caked-up foundation; I’m having more trouble blending under my eyes and around my lips. I noticed it more when I started using makeup brushes, since I used to use makeup sponges, one that was shaped like a BeautyBlender, but not the real thing. I had seen BeautyBlenders around, but I had never bought one because I didn’t feel the need for one at the time. So, I took a trip to Sephora with my Christmas gift cards and finally bought one for myself!

What I’m Using Now: BeautyBlender Pro (in Black)

This tiny thing has honestly made such a difference for me! I had never seen how one would use a BeautyBlender, but my friend’s sister taught me that you basically run the BeautyBlender under water (which I never knew had to be done) then just dab your face, and smooth it over with your fingers a bit. My makeup looks ten times more natural now. I honestly think it stays on way better too. I started using it along my hairline and my jaw too, since I usually have blending problems in those areas too.

One of my sorority sisters told me the other day that she never wets her BeautyBlender, which I thought was so weird, but the other day I had to do my makeup on a plane (~classy~ right?) and I wasn’t able to wet it. I don’t think it made much of a difference (honestly I couldn’t tell since I sweat it all off in California anyway), but it defiinitely felt weird!

Small sidenote, but I love that this comes in black! I think I’ve only ever seen them in crazy colors like hot pink and blue, but I love that I was able to get one not only in my favorite color, but one that matches the rest of my makeup brushes. I don’t know, it made a legit difference for me. I don’t mean to hate on those bright colors, but black is just classier in general, you know? Anyway, I absolutely loved this BeautyBlender! I’m so happy I finally have a solution to my blending problem!

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