The Clunkster

Team Bralette


Bralette. Sweater (no longer being sold at the Gap). Leggings.  Boots (no longer being sold at Call It Spring). 

Every now and then, I'm in the middle of changing my clothes, and I look in the mirror and realize that even though I'd never thought of creating this look in the first place, it's actually an adorable outfit. This happened while I was hanging my clothes a while ago and stumbled upon this thing! 

I've always talked about wearing my bralette as just a shirt one day. To be honest, it could totally pass as a crop top. The other day, I was super hot in my school's café so I just took my pullover sweater off and walked around in my bralette for a while, but I felt weird. I think I would've felt less weird if I looked cuter, like if I were wearing something like this.

I love how the high waisted-leggings and bralette look together, and I absolutely love this grey sweater, as I've talked about before. I threw on these boots because I figured they'd make the entire look sexy and badass, and in my opinion, they did. 

Maybe one day I'll actually wear this as an outfit!