The Clunkster

Wear the World Wednesday


Top. Leggings. Flannel (no longer being sold at Eddie Bauer). Boots (no longer being sold at Primark). Bralette. Sunglasses (similar, mine are lighter). 

It's Wear the World Wednesday! Here's another one of the crop tops I got for Christmas. I've always wanted a Hawaiian shirt, and even though I still don't have one, I do have a Hawaiian pocket! I can't wait to wear this to a luau party. These crop tops look ADORABLE with my bralette. I'd love to wear them with bandeaus one day too! I also love the way these high waisted leggings kinda disappear under my top. 

Adding the flannel and boots definitely made this look a bit edgier. At first I didn't think that mixing the Hawaiian and flannel prints would look good, but I tried it anyway, and it looked really cool! I always say I'll experiment with more prints and I never do.