The Clunkster


Outfit of the DayKristenComment

Shirt/Dress (from Boston Harley Davidson). Tights. Boots (no longer being sold at Primark). Sunglasses. Lipstick (in Sanctuary).

Okay, so I've been seriously digging the long-shirt-no-pants look that artists like Ariana Grande and Halsey have been slaying. After my uncle passed away, I took a bunch of his really cool shirts with the intentions of either cutting them into crop tops and tank tops, but also to leave some as dresses. Here's one that survived! 

This shirt is one of the most comfortable things I've ever put on my body. I actually bought this for him at the Boston Harley Davidson a couple years ago. I made a good choice! This shirt is perfect to wear as a dress because it comes down to a length that's pretty cheeky, but still looks like I'm wearing a dress instead of a shirt with no pants. And I love how long the sleeves are!

Obviously, this summer has got me super down. I haven't wanted to get dressed or do my makeup or do anything. But today I put on my tights, Clunkster boots, and dark lipstick, and I really felt like myself again.