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what season is it???: winter/spring 2018 edition

Outfit of the DayKristenComment

top (no longer being sold at Urban Outfitters). bralette. leggings. boots. perfume

Happy Saturday! Boston’s warming up just a bit, and it may be wishful thinking, but I decided to celebrate the temperature’s ascent into the fifties by showing some skin! I love my cozy sweaters and scarves, but I’ve missed wearing crop tops!

This is one of my favorite tops. I know I’ve shared it before, but I’m absolutely obsessed. I think it really matched the particular day’s vibe. It was sunny and bright, but still a little windy and chilly, even though we’re supposed to be in full spring mode by now. One of my favorite parts about this top is the pocket! It’s a little hidden since the shirt is so flowy (which I also love), and it holds a lot. I just love the way this shirt feels on my body, and how it makes me feel when I wear it!

I wore my leggings and lighter boots, as well as some more understated makeup since my top was so busy. I used sea salt spray on my noncooperative hair, and I was so happy with how it looked. I wanted to go to the beach, not class!

This look is perfect for this weird transitional period between seasons. I did wear my heavy jacket, and threw on a loose grey sweater when classrooms got cold. I’m so excited to be breaking out crop tops again!!!