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Outfit of the DayKristenComment

top. bralette. flannel (my dad's!). leggings. timberlands

Hello hello! This look is another product of a half-cold, half-warm day. I put on this Serengetee top because I love the floral pattern on the pocket. It reminds me of happy, tropical times in the sun instead of bundling up to take a walk to the supermarket. Its colors looked really great with my electric blue flannel! I also wore my high-waisted leggings, bralette, and lighter Timberlands.

I kept my makeup light and put my hair up in a braided ponytail because my hair was not cooperating. I have a bunch of hairstyles that I automatically flock to when my hair looks horrible, and this is one of my favorites. Most of them involve braids. I was thinking of making a how-to post about all of them, so if you’d be interesting in reading something like that, let me know!

I really love this look though, and it’s one I definitely wanna wear more. In general, if there’s something you guys want to see or read, feel free to let me know in the comments, or send me an email or DM! I’d love to hear from you!!!

Thankfully, it looks like the nicer weather is here to stay, at least for a little bit. Fingers crossed!