The Clunkster



top (no longer being sold at dELiA*s). shorts (similar). bandeau. sneakers. perfume. sunglasses

Happy June! I feel like time has been flying lately. You know it’s been two years since I started this blog? They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I believe it ;)

This is one of my favorite summer looks! I always break it out at the start of summer. It just immerses me in summer vibes. On a grosser note, I’ve been outside so often lately, which means I’ve been super sweaty! Wearing lighter clothes is always the way to go for me, which is another reason I love this look so much.

I’ve been really into patterned pants lately, especially patterned shorts. This is one of my favorite pairs! They’re adorable, super lightweight, and so comfy. They’re perfect for just lounging around or going out; they’re really easy to dress up or dress down. My only complaint is that they’re really short, but I have long legs and a big butt, so that’s my problem with almost every pair of shorts I wear!

This shirt is another ride or die because it’s basic but unique. I know that’s a direct contradiction. But from the front, it just looks like a normal white crop top, but the back splits in two at the top so you can see my bandeau! I usually always stick with the black bandeau when I wear this top. I’ve tried to wear my bralette with it before, and the back looked so pretty, but since the fabric is so thin, the front is really see-through so it looks a little weird with the lace. The back always cools me off on a hot summer day. Back sweat is the worst!

And last but not least, I wore my white Converse to match my top. I left my hair a little messy, ditched the makeup since I’ve been so sweaty, and once again, pulled everything together with Katy Perry’s INDI perfume. I also wore my heart-shaped sunglasses, which I love, but they’ve been falling off my face a lot lately! I have a small head, so I have a lot of trouble keeping glasses on sometimes, but it never happened with these beauties. Hopefully one of those eyeglasses-fixers from CVS will do the trick. Fingers crossed!

How do you stay not-sweaty in the summertime? I know sweat is a part of life and a sign of activity and adventure, but it’s still so annoying! I hope you enjoy your weekend, no matter how sweaty it is!