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Outfit of the DayKristenComment
  shirt .  shorts  (similar).  flip-flops .  perfume    .  sunglasses  (mine are lighter!) 

 shirt. shorts (similar). flip-flops. perfume . sunglasses (mine are lighter!) 


Hello my loves! I have a relatively casual look for you all today. As I’ve mentioned countless times, this summer is hot in Boston. I’ve been loving soft shorts lately because they’re lightweight, and I love all the cute patterns I’ve been seeing. I definitely need to get some more. These blue shorts have been a ride or die for me! they’re a little short, but I love the color and pattern, and they’re so comfortable.

I went with a plain white tee for the day, and threw on my dirty white flip-flops to go to the store (they’re on sale right now for SUPER cheap, go go go!!!). I tend to stick with sneakers in the summer because I’m usually out and about, and because I’m super picky with my flip-flops. The part that sticks in between my toes needs to be comfortable! I tend to wiggle my toes a lot, and I hate being irritated. I can’t really wear sandals because my tiny feet always look lost in them! These Old Navy ones from my cousins check off all my boxes. They’re very loved, as you can see.To finish off my look, I wore Katy Perry’s INDI and my wood sunglasses.

What are some things you can’t live without during summer?! Comment and let me know!